Another incident which made a Security Researcher cry 😭😭😭
[ NOTE : Check my profile for older incident ]
I was invited by a fellow friend to a newly built Cyber Security firm , I didn't asked for any work issues as it was my friend who asked me to go there . Let's call it X for now . It was a good day , overcast weather , cloudy sky , everything was nice before I entered the company . And the conversation is as follows :

Fella - Hey! Nice to see you with us .
Me - Thanks! Where to? *Asking for my work​ area*
Fella - Right behind me .
Me - Good thing :)
Fella - So , the set-up is good to go I suppose .
Me - Yeah :)
*I'm in my cabin and what I can see is a Windows VM inside Ubuntu 12.4*

*Fast forward to 1 hour and now I'm at the cafeteria with the Fella*

Fella - Hey! Sup? How was the day?
Me - Fine *in a bit confused voice*
Fella - What happened mate , you good with the work?
Me - Yeah but why you've got Windows inside Ubuntu , I mean what's the use of Ubuntu when I have to work on Windows?
Fella - Do you know Linux is safe from Malwares?
Me - Yeah
Fella - That's why we are using Windows on VM inside Linux .
Me - For what?
Fella - To keep Windows safe from Malwares as in our company , we can't afford any data loss!
Me - 😡 *A big face palm which went through my head and hit another guy , made me a bit unconscious*

I ran for my life as soon as possible , in future I'm never gonna work for anyone before asking their preferences .

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    Auch!... Hope you didn't get a concussion.
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    Forgive me for asking, but is this a true story? They believe in what they are doing? Someone has to validate, give an ok, to something like that, no? Or its an isokated incident, specifuc of that "Fella"?
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    Why on earth did you put so many unnecessary spaces here? You don't need one before a full stop or a comma. xD
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    @pagongski yeah it's a true story , that's why I already named it as an "incident" and that fella was project manager .
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    @Fydrenak padding
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    I carry a Linux USB with me all the time so I don't catch human malware when I connect to the world πŸ˜’
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    @gitpush funny thing to try: go to library and try to liveboot
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    Warning: variable X never used
    Error: undefined variable Fella
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    Sorry, but I laught out loud in a Cafe
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