How’s the tech layoffs doing? I was considering leaving a while ago. But maybe it’s a smart move staying for a while…

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    Empirically, techies stay in positions when there's a crisis.
    It's so significant and relevant, that it's used as an economic indicator.
    If you've got a good leave package, grab it. If you wanna switch for better ventures, do so when the grass is green.
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    @scor for sure, I actually tell recruiters if they want me to even start interviewing the salary and benefits have to be far far better, so far no company has been so just not moving, don't move unless very very desperate and you see no more job security in current company than new one
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    That, somewhat Sound sarcastic?
    Is it?
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    @scor not exactly, most jobs aren't remote while mine is, even if a little bit more pay it doesn't even cover train cost after tax so no point, plus better chances of more money in current company
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