Three open windows are all I need:

1. Terminal
2. Chrome
3. Any IDE based on Intellij

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    I hope I can open my Chrome too with intellij.

    *cries in 2gb ram machine*
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    I just need 1 and 2.
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    @Dwigg I swear chrome is like a gas: it expands to fill the available space.
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    I prefer Firefox
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    @vergil For me it's terminal, Firefox (or chromium but not chrome) and netbeans :)
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    Replace chrome with firefox and add slack for me :
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    @fun2code why haven't I heard of Vivaldi browser before? Looks great. Gotta give it a try
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    And jetbrains FTW!
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    @fun2code I tried it, but found it lacking in performance. Chromium feels much more snappy.
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