Worked as outsource where Scrum was misused. Please use it as a guide rather than law.

Just remembered working as an outsourced programmer...

The Scrum master got us all... all of us... everyday... most people on Skype too... to update with our plans, issues etc.

So including the time trying to get everyone to sync up on Skype at around 9am, introductions, updates from EVERYONE... back and forth suggestions... I'd be starting near midday.

The task was related to making a tile based menu system that was populated with items from a backend... On paper, I only really needed to talk to the 1 artist and the 1 backend guy to understand the request / responses.
But even the art assets were arbitrary sizes... untileable... at the time they even had to be power of two too... My god, getting them changed was a nightmare...

In the end I was too slow for them.

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    Putting the tldr in the top of the text. You are the real mvp 👏😁
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    Haha, thankyou @sovietspy2
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    Morning stand up shouldn't take more than 15 mins...if it takes more than this just for the team members to say hi..then most probably the team is way too big..
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    @cheke .. yeah, they were using Scrum on the entire team... 20-25 people some days...
    Bewildering considering the core points of Scrum immediately says keep it short to 15 mins like you say.
    Too many rulesets and over micromanagement
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