I swear web frameworks are popping up faster than I can catch up, I mean I'm not even done learning react 😭 usually made projects in ASP.NET MVC with just jquery and it just feels like a lot of work to create more layers on the front end as well. Advice needed if you work on both front and back end what js frameworks do you use, and from experience which would you prefer?

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    react is fine, so stick to it for the next 3 years.
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    Fuck the world and stick with do you know. Instead of wasting time in evaluating frameworks in a volatile environment like front end web development, just do the app in what you know. I stick with vanilla js because I hate dependencies. Every time I try a hyped js framework, I regret at the end because they aren't that magical. Just fancy wrapper for getElements, events, ajax or stupid animations that anyone care about, except stupid clients. If you want to include a library, be sure that it worth it, like including tinymce or three.js.

    My JS hate blinds me toward to front end , but this also applies to back end.
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    Always nice to hear others peoples opinions, thank you all for your input 😀

    @heyheni Noted, thanks!

    @edwrodrig 😂 I also don't like JS that much either, but not as much as you though

    @LicensedCrime 🤷 i gave up a while ago, just going to let it mature a little bit more

    @53414a414e & @Artemix I'll take a look at vanilla might come in handy
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