Dear people who create frameworks and libraries,

Please don't advertise your stuff as 'super easy to use', 'incredibly lightweight', 'no configuration needed', 'seamless integration' and shit like this. We all know it's a big fat fucking lie. Just be honest and write 'it supposed to be all-purpose but won't solve your problem', 'a huge fucking chaotic mess', 'slow as shit', 'will eat up all your resources', 'might be good but we've lost the documentation' or 'actually worse than vanilla'. If you'd do this, the world would be a better place.


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    might be good but we've lost the documentation 😆
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    I believe that my framework is good, but I haven't written any documentation.
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    By "one size fits all" we mean go screw yourself
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    It's webdev you're complaining about. Of course it's bullshit
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