Ok so a guy came over to my house and started boasting how much salary his daughter and son-in-law is earning working as managers in some bank. When i told him that i am a software dev who works for almost 9-10 hours a day, he said his daughter just has 4, meetings in a day and thats it. Do you guys think its fair to pay someone so much who just have 3/4 meetings a day?

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    i think life is unfair
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    @bigmonsterlover especially to people who have good skills. I have noticed that if you are rich and without skills then the universe somehow make things better for you and remove all obstacles from your path unlike people who are middle-class and have good skills.
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    While I do not think it's fair. I'd also be wary of what the guy says. People tend to exaggerate, especially parents AND especially when they are not with their kids 24/7.

    I'm sure my parents would describe my work as "he's just clicking stuff on the computer and gets paid a lot". Especially since I work remotely it looks like I'm doing even less. But only the people actually doing the work know what goes into the work. So there's a good chance she doesn't just have 4 meetings and then checks out for mad cash.

    I mean I only see my manager like once a day for a meeting, but I still believe she does work for the entire work day even though I don't really have a good idea of what exactly it is she's doing.
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    @Hazarth haha even i dont have any idea what my senior manager does whole day, one thing i have noticed that she seeks meetings, she wants to have meetings for every little thing. Even a little font change or color change or tooltip on hover etc
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    At my last job, I also wondered how they spent their day besides having or planning meetings. I also agree with other comments that parents tend to brag and extend the truth. I wouldn't take what he says as facts. But again I'm always skeptical lol
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    What do you mean by "fair"?

    Usually salaries are related with market needs, not really with any "fairness".

    Today you as a developer earning more than (outside US) a surgeon or a physicist, but is this fair by any means? Not really.
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    This would mean that money wouldn't exist at all.

    After all, the reason she probably gets paid more is because banks are corrupt.

    More profit requires imnorality, immorality requires paying more money so no one makes a mutiny.

    In some countries, doctors are paid like craftsman. Underpaid dramatically.

    Absolutely unfair, but that's how money works.

    Social workers? They are literally the ones who have to deal with the collateral damage of every government decision, they earn less than a trash man depending on country.
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