@dfox Quick feature request. Checking for duplicate comment or rant and hiding them. On erratic connections impatient coders like me press submit button multiple times making duplicate posts!

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    Yeah this happened to @dfox earlier
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    We do this for rants already, but haven't implemented it for comments yet as the logic is a little more complex since purposely posting multiple comments with the same text in a very short amount of time is an actual use-case. We can probably check if anyone replied since your last comment, though there could be a case for two in a row of the same that I'm not thinking of.
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    @dfox Thanks for the quick reply :-)
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    Duplicate comments, huh?
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    Duplicate comments, huh?
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    @solooo7 I am going to catch you put and only up vote one.
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    @solooo7 upvote twice :D
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    @TheDevil thank you for upvotes. :-)
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    @solooo7 same goes for you (:
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    @dfox there is a fix for this ... it’s client side

    When someone taps submit, wait till you get a response from the server before a user can tap again, if successful dont enable the button just go to the next page (depending on if you just reload content into same page enable after animation) if not successful enable it.

    You can still make it look like it works.
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