Fuck Java. Why does the syntax have to always give me such a headache. It is a language where I know what I want to do, have a general idea of how to do it, and have no fucking clue what the syntax looks like.

My guess is that it all makes sense after 3 years of use. I don't want a Java job, I just want to pass my class. Fuck Java.

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    Kotlin's syntax is even more fucked up
    They invented 100 operators and keywords to do the same thing
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    I believe your rant on Java is only the symptom of the fact you either learning it, or nobody taught you the fundamentals.

    The syntax is fine, less bloated than C++ for sure, the only reason you may complain on it is the fact it's too simple (no syntax sugar popular these days).

    I think you need some time to use to the syntax, however I don't remember I had such problem.
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    Maybe they're giving me a subtle hint I should go to China and marry a female military officer lol
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    @AvatarOfKaine time for giur pills, chomo.
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    @aviophile I'm feeling love from a man woman who's suffix is phile
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