Honest question:

I did a project and delivered it, but my boss did 4 commits after that. Without giving me any feedback.

They were small things: using a different library (just one line), and removing one debug line that caused a bug.

Should I ask him for feedback or just tell him "Hey I saw your commits, I'll make sure to use the new library and never let any debug line in"?

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    Don't make promises like "I'll test this". Tell him that you saw his commits, you git pull and all works fine. If it is something you need to know, he'll tell you right there.
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    @lostinmyworld Thanks for your feedback! Ok so can you explain the "all works fine" part, he did the commits after me, so he should know that?

    Sorry for the question, just trying to fully understand :)
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    @meseguer1998 what do you mean? He must know it works on his machine. You can say it works on your machine. If it works. If there's something wrong, just ask him about the change and what you need to know. Why "need". Because there might be a logic behind the new library, why it was chosen, etc.

    Well, that's one way to go.
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    @lostinmyworld Now I got you. lol, hopefully everything goes well
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    @lostinmyworld everything went well! He told me it was just some quick things he did.

    Thanks bro :) You really helped me with the advice
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    Depending on your work relationship, you could also suggest starting doing some code reviews.

    That way, instead of doing some quick fix behind your back, he tells you what's wrong, possibly why, letting you defend your choices, and leaving you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

    That's how you grow a good developer you enjoy working with.
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