Friend: 'im really anxious, i need a job this summer and i dont know if i can find one with my stack'
Me:'why, whats your stack?'
Friend:'php, mysql, javascript'

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    I'm guessing you're still in collefe because all 3 of those languages are separately employable.
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    @LiquorFueled yeah, and finding a php job takes about 2 days
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    I'd love to move away from PHP again... But about 50% of job openings in my area are for PHP/JS/fullstack, the other 50% being mobile app devs... and recruiters would literally sacrifice their firstborn and stick a MacBook up their ass if it would result in you signing a contract.

    If you're decent with any SQL, hell, I will stick my MacBook up my butt if you'd work with me. The retards here claim everything beyond "select * from table" is overengineered and unreadable, they prefer to do all the joins and wheres and aggregating logic in PHP...
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    @bittersweet same here, where you @ ?
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    @bittersweet yeah I've seen this pattern everywhere, even a lot of data science people do this sin. Just make a trivial query with a couple of joins, and do the aggregating and window functions in Python.
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    @apisarenco And then complain that large AWS servers have load troubles, because every request does 100 queries and drags all this table data from DB to the webserver... just to calculate an "average rating" value on an item.

    Their solution? "we should cache the ratings once per day in redis!"

    ... ugh.
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