Hypothetically, if you had a disease and needed to fix it on your own or would open the possibility of a worse condition… how would you manage that situation…. And let’s say, you were also the only one that knew about it; and, it had to be that way?…

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    No!…. But, hypothetically, what if uh, life, uh, finds a way… πŸ¦–
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    Btw, I’m American so: I have opinions, I don’t usually have a filter, but I am a slave… like everyone. My friends in China don’t know shit about that either.
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    I suppose, we are almost at that stage.

    "God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs.
    God creates Man, Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs."

    But seriously, the world is past the point of keeping things like this in secret.
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    @C0D4 lolπŸ˜…yeah. I felt man at that stage well before now…. And yeah, everyone’s dirty hands should be clear by now πŸ˜‚ I give you your vote back.
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    Clear as in “easy to see…”
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    Have you ever played RPGs?

    Especially those with the large dialogues, pretty detailed back stories, detailed decisions have consequences pathes...

    Imho if more would play stuff like that, we'd have both - more psychopaths and nice people.

    I'm definitely one of the nice people.

    Might sound softie, but I rarely can play an RPG in hardcore evil mode cause my brain yells all the time ... WTF? How do you pervert bastards even come up with this madness?

    Imho releasing a disease always leads down the path of ... "You opened Pandora's box, now have fun with the hell you unleashed upon yourself".

    One of the toughest choices in RPGs is self sacrifice.

    If I understood your question correctly, it would be a disease only one self knows about. Not possibly dead, but possibility of worsen could mean death.

    Then self sacrifice would be an good option I'd rather choose - coz there are already enough things that can and will kill humanity, I can at least leave the few nice innocent ones alone.

    Evil path? Self sacrifice with genocide.

    Which would probably lead to war, atomic warfare, end of world, post apocalyptic, ...

    Nothing that one would still experience as one is death, but let's be honest.

    Humanity is just waiting to eradicate itself... The consequence is pretty evident.
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    @IntrusionCM I actually have never really been into video games…. But the logic is sound. If there was a Percival in real life, not sure the players ready πŸ˜…
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    I’d prolly be a psychopath in your above scenario though… simply for knowing it’s a simulation and if I get exhausted by the story πŸ˜…
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    But in real life… I’m just a spectator
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    A quasi-conscious NPC, if you will…
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    @IntrusionCM have you seen the interactive movies on Netflix? I like black mirrors, Bandersnatch.
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    I do not understand the question
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    @iiii maybe because you’re trying to apply objective substance… it’s purely hypothetical and simple when read as so.
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    @sureAzure I don't understand it at all. What is being asked?
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    @sureAzure RPGs exist in many forms, be it tabletop, pen n paper, dating sims, or video games.

    Just saying, not converting :) Everyone their own fetish :-P

    Wanted to see the Netflix stuff, but always forget to add it to the list.
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    The probability of ending up treating a disease you don't have instead of the one you actually have is pretty high if you are selfdiagnosing without having the training and knowledge needed for the job. So before you actually start treating it, you should definitely find a professional which you trust - maybe in another country if your disease is illegal where you live.
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    @Oktokolo interesting open… I appreciate the answer. I think I’m fine. Apart from the hypothetical, my main health problems seem to be simply, due to bold choices after governmental abuse…… I’ve seen doctors.πŸ˜…it’s not so much a matter of diagnosis, but the hypothetical helpsπŸ™
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    I hear google is 60% accurate at diagnosis and an expert human only around 20% to 30%, so going the DIY route may well be better !

    It might be hard to get certain medications without a doctor in the loop someplace, else you could be buying stuff online from dodgy outlets.

    I try to do most stuff myself, but I can't do my own dentist work !

    Surgery is possible if you can reach the site, but you do tend to bleed a lot !
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    @Oktokolo I'm reminded where I am, asking a top specialist in the country to diagnosis me, he got it totally wrong !

    Meanwhile, another user online who hates me, couldn't resist telling me the correct diagnosis. :-)
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    @Oktokolo I'm also reminded after asking advice here for my own medical conditions, that the answers I got was pretty accurate to the eventual answers I got 6 months later after seeing a bunch of real world doctors.

    So you might be fine just asking here to be sure you have what you think you have !
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    @Nanos πŸ˜‚πŸ™the placebo affect is strong in modern medicine…. Yes, slightly more effective than holistic counter parts, but kinda like gripping a couple extra darts 🎯 and (with some aim of course) attempting to cover the target… a commenter above was close to making that point… but, given the 20%-30% accuracy of average intuition is outside of the scope gained by google (or books) and you can meditate holistic efficacy on par with modern medicine through proper timing/breathing and luck, that we all take for granted (humans are both incredibly fragile AND incredibly resilient depending on the time and focus) I agree with the probability you present… if not slightly more.
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    @Nanos doctors are desensitized πŸ˜…
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    @sureAzure Reminds me of the time I got to hospital with a broken bone.

    I was kinda expecting them to do something !

    "Yes its broken"..

    That's it !

    "Should have got to us within half an hour of breaking it for us to do anything about it."

    Was the advice given..

    Next time I may as well cycle home, than go to the hospital and waste my time and money there !

    I must check on YouTube "How to set your own broken bones DIY guide for idiots.."
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    I have a feeling this is a tech debt question in disguise πŸ₯Έ
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