It's really important to have a portfolio?
What's the value of a beautifull and fullfill portfolio? How it can help?

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    Of course, I personally love beautifull and shiny things, i'm shallow like that.
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    It shows what you have done and provides examples to display to recruiters. Technical leads can also see your work and judge your logic, efficiency, and style.
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    @LiquorFueled so it's a pure technical and style demonstration. I see here around too many portfolios full of wordpress website made with recycled free themes and this just have no sense
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    @localghost I think it's worth it. I didn't make mine with some WordPress template. I actually built it (currently building it).
    The only thing is, it doesn't get much traffic...
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    If you build it yourself, then yes. It is worth it.
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    Then I hope they're applying for design, content management, or wp dev positions. @localghost
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