When thinking back to my first pc im like how da fuck did i survive using dat crap I must've been a very patient guy 10gb hdd, 64mb ram, 700mhz cpu (if dats da correct way to write megahertz) and to top it off 56kb/s dialup internet

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    Pffft, my first family computer had Pentium 166 in it, and a 1.8 GB hdd. Don't even know the internet speed, maybe 56k if we were lucky, although at that point I think 28k was more likely...
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    It's MHz ! But I'm too young for these computers so I can't tell !
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    @sydneymlambo what about not having tabs and waiting for pages/music to load one at a time?
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    @deMark now we cnt ur OS boot time is considered long if its more than a minute... we jst cnt wait dat long
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