So a guy wants to start a company with me. He wants to be CEO πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’Ό I'm fine with it but now he also wants me to obey every one of his orders such as attend long unplanned meetings, go do market research, code the app and for what, a mere 5%. He gets a bigger cut of the income because he came up with the idea πŸ’‘, he also gets to sit and order me around because he's read a few books on business and economics. People don't seem to understand the difference between having an idea and implementation. I just left and said no to every offer he had the highest of which was 10%, don't be worried about the money he says this is a real opportunity for you. I mean wtf is wrong with some people.

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    Abandon that sinking (leader)ship!
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    *silently implement the idea*.
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    There are two ways to do that

    A) he's the boss, you're the employee, you get payed monthly like an employee does and well enough that you would work for him. He takes the risks, he gets the gains. If the company fails, you quit and leave, he has to deal with the remains.

    B) you're both doing the company together. You both take the risks, you share the profit.
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    @elonmusk && @mishraanoopam was thinking of it.

    @kp15 seeing as I knew this guy personally he would expect me to pay the development costs and then pay me back when the business has taken off.
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    @sesh just do it! βœ”
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    You should say:

    Exactly don't worry about the money, give me 51% and a decent salary. This is a real opportunity.
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    @sesh I think it should be an equal partnership as in you're both in charge of everything and that you'd have to do something to come to an agreement, I think development for the app is important but I guess there are also just as equal parts like advertisement and the whole marketing/business side but in saying that,

    Fuck this guy, if he doesn't want to have equal partnership it'll be like (to me at least) every game development company that had their bad publishers and marketing teams breathing down their neck forcing turning their game features into bloated features that are impossible to do in small time frames (sorry I have a hate for bad publishers and do want to make my own company lol).

    Anyways try and find someone who can partner up with you that understands your needs as both a developer and a person. Someone that understands that both parties are equally important.
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    That's a prime example of entitlement. He's an idiot. Leave him be.
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    @kp15 it's crazy right?

    @f03n1x this is exactly what I tried to tell the guy but he seems hell bent on owning the business, acts like he's one of the sharks.
    Seeing as it's a tech based company providing services it would seem that both marketing side and development side have equal weight but not to this guy, he watches too much shark tank and dragons den.
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    There's a word for people like this guy... C**t
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    @sesh welp if that's the case you can go down the legal route and flush him out, it's shitty but it's also exactly what he wants to do to you, if you make it and make sure you own the actual service by planting your name all over it (honestly not a lawyer, so definitely need proper advice) then you can stake your claim on it, I did go to this talk by a lawyer who gave some good legal advice (can't remember all of it but it's on my phone lol) which was you cannot own (as in claim it completely) an idea just the implementation.

    (I can send the recording if you want, but yeah a lawyer would be the best way)

    Anyways if he wants to fuck you over just do the same lol, you can't be a businessman without a product, I guess maybe if you were a good one you'd be able to sell bottled air, but it doesn't seem like this guy is one of them xD
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    A lot of the "idea guys" grossly misunderstand their actual role. If they don't push the code (=build the product), then they need to take care of everything else.

    The list of responsibilities goes from raising money, getting partners, getting users, recruiting engineers, finding an office, doing accounting & corporate compliance bullshit etc. Only then could they say they're doing their role in the startup equally
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    @f03n1x if I decide to take it up this will be exactly what I do I'll make it my own.
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