I had a technical test on Tuesday on Linux and SQL. I thought I failed. I get a call that I did pretty well and now they want me for an interview. Naturally, I get very excited.
I get a date for the interview and get ready to shine... until I accept the video call and find out that it is a technical interview! But this time instead I have to express myself in a foreign language.
(And also not with the people I was supposed to have the interview with)
No worse way to stress someone XYZ company! Totally uncool!!!

I think now I can go in a shadowy corner and whimper.

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    Heads up! There are a lot companies out there. Just don't let it get you down.

    Personally I just think of everything as an opportunity to make new experiences.
    And experiences are the real wealth in your life.

    So - think of that as a new experience and make the best out of it 😊
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    @Emphiliis I'm just simply plain tired sitting, doing tests and then getting the "We found someone more suitable for the position" e-mail. I can imagine why they wanted a technical interview, but I'd rather had that part from the beginning than being examined on a terrible platform first. It'd save time and it'd had me less stressed. :-/
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    @Qaldim I understand that.

    If that happens regularly, may I suggest to do some internships to fill up your CV? That often has a high impact.
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    @Emphiliis I'm looking for apprenticeships abroad, but I haven't come up with something yet. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong in my search and I don't know if there's any site that is specific for that in Europe.
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    @Qaldim I have not used any of them, but there are Freelancer (to collect experience and projects for the CV) and http://stackoverflow.com/jobs .
    They are both global, but I guess it might be worth to throw an eye on it.
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    @Emphiliis Thanks a lot for the info! I will give it a look when I get back home. 🙂
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    Hey look at the bright side.

    Atleast your Webcam works :)
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    @notNSA Haha, indeed! Bless Skype for that! On my worst (so far) interview, my camera didn't work. They used some weird in-house application and my laptop could only pass sound. I tested Skype afterwards and it worked normally... As far as this interview goes, only time will tell. I thought I failed the prior test miserably and yet they told me I did great.
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    Well if you are able to perform in that kind of situation, they know, you now your shit and that they can rely on you, even if the server's on fire, on saturday, 2 a.m.
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