10 years in dev and can't seem to keep up with all these languages. I learn one forget the other. Mix up syntax. Features removed or added.
Still use cheat sheets which I update as the languages change.
Just me or everyone else?

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    Works for me
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    Agree, completely feel like a jack of all trades
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    Cheat sheets was causing a lot of work , so now i just google
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    I remember them pretty well, I went from javascript to php to c to java. when I went back to using php and c it took about an hour to get used to them again though
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    @jckimble yeah takes a bit to get used to after coming from another project with different languages.
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    Great site to keep track of your languages: https://learnxinyminutes.com/
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    @sudouser yeah I'll admit that, it is cool when you learn something that works in another language just because you forgot and tested it. that's how I found out ?: works on everything I know.
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    @nikisweeting thanks! Looks like a good refresher
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    yeah... ended up choosing two. other languages might be cool and all but I dont have the time to keep up with them.
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