Just took this picture.. Asda tech support... You had one job...

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    That is reality. 😂
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    Which asda is it so I can avoid such incompetence!
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    @kunashe it's the Tilehurst store in Reading haha
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    That's Asda Price
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    staying well clear of the Reading store for when I need my programmer food.
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    "Tech support" for them may also include managing the PA system, fixing the lights, unclogging toilets...
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    BOITREC /RebuildBcd
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    Let's be honest. This was installed by someone who knows what they were doing, but supermarkets don't keep permanent it staff in each store. When something goes wrong, you gotta call corporate and that takes a while.

    @moses unlikely to fix it. It's erroring due to missing registry, not boot files or MBR related issues.
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    @bottswana it will solve the error, my PC had an exact error, I used those commands, and it worked out perfectly.
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    @moses that may have worked for you, but rebuilding a MBR bootloader will not work in all situations.

    1) The registry could actually be corrupt.
    2) An error with the partition structure.
    3) Missing windows files.
    4) Failed disk causing bad sector reads.

    All of these could show this exact error but would not be fixed by rebuilding the bootloader or master boot record.
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