My manager believes every bug can be solved by adding a thousand printf(s) and checking which part of the code isn't being hit. How do I politely tell him to get his shit straight? 😂😂😂

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    Well. If you have a console to write to it is one way that often works.

    Often use it when I have no other information.

    Preferably with some relevant output that could catch errors not including code not running, like finding out where a list suddenly is empty.

    But if a console is not available I have started using redis pub/sub for similar output and it actually is very helpful when debugging is impractical.
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    If it's stupid but it works then it ain't stupid :P
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    when debugger is not na option, writing things on console is one of the methods that i would use..
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    That's what I usually do!
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    I tried using a debugger several times but I find it less intuitive than printfs in good spots.. I have yet to learn how to efficiently use a debugger maybe
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    Um. That's actually right.
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    I don't know... This is usually my last resort, but... I have used it in a LOT of occasions. It is not an efficient way of finding errors ( overhead of writing additional code on almost every other line) but it does work...
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    Logs are awesome. Took me a while til i got to respect them
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