You know how I know DevRant is full of real devs? Your spelling and grammar is absolutely atrocious. Seriously, you've got autocorrect, just use it.

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    No no no...
    This place is devRant.
    DevRant != devRant
    (@RazorSh4rk Seem like it is 😱)
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    @theScientist Comma Splice! This is UNACCEPTABLE!
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    *you're joking 😉

    Yeah, not an outsider, just a grammar Nazi.
    Python Proof:

    class Human:
    occupation = None
    def __init__(self, job):
    self.occupation = job

    def isOutsider(self):
    if self.occupation == "Dev":
    return False
    return True

    >>ZeroCool2u = Human(Dev)

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    @retnikt You're doing gods* work son.

    *Intentional error.
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    @theScientist Get out.
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    @runfrodorun Your point stands.
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    Maybe not everyone are english native, just read my atrocious general grammar and you'll get it
    I'm french man, even if i have to speak english everyday.
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    Dammit Grammarnazi 😎
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    This is a hat happening. When I use autocorrect a lot dp the reread it and correctly exegesis manually.

    "This is what happens when I use autocorrect and don't reread it and correct everything manually."
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    Autocorrect IS the atrocious!
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    @Letmecode tagging you because... English! :P
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    Maybe we're testing our autocorrect feature on our mobile apps. Ever think of that? Lol
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    @Letmecode What about "could've"? That's what I use when speaking and it could be mistaken for "could of" if we're talking face to face
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    @Letmecode I only use it when speaking so my point is it could be confused with "could of" because they both sound similar
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    @Letmecode this is exactly the reason why I tagged you, I share your sentiments in this matter. :) Thanks for explaining it in a way that I never could. :P
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