Boss : Change the website to look more professional.

Me : Change comes from within.


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    *imports dependencies to make site slower*
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    Maaaan don't fire your boss like that !!? It's your boss after all or sorry your the boss man now :) congrats for new fresh opportunities anyway
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    @thedevdevil Yes, in my summer internship.
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    @aan27 i can so see myself doing this in the future
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    This just made me laugh so hard
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    Well proves your point doesn't it. That was rather unprofessional...

    Does the website look better these days or does it still reflect the company adequately?
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    Glad you think this funny now.

    Dunno if this is real or not but in any case, smart ass backchat like that is very common from junior devs who think they know it all.

    What I’ve accepted over the years is that from a dev point of view, the code is the world, but in reality, when in a real Business that makes real money, we’re just one part of the bigger process. Know it all, idealistic devs tend not to do so well in those environments.

    The only way I can survive is to play the company game at the billion dollar corporation I work at, but I build my own products exactly how I want in my free time.

    Sorry, this is a longer comment than I expected but moral of the story: lose the backchat and learn some humility if you want a successful career in software. If you want to do everything your own way, start your own company.
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