Started learning js 5 days ago.
Its so trash and all over the place which makes it able to do anything in weird ways

Not sure if I like it. I miss java.

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    Try Typescript
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    This was by choice?
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    Going through something similar. Known java since I started coding and now moved to learn JS, which indeed sucks the patience out of you at first.
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    The exact same thing happened with me too. Atleast there are some rules and restrictions in Java.
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    JS is a pretty straight-forward language, which is the way you should look at it to keep it efficient.

    Almost everything is a reference, there are only a few types and they are inferred dynamically. Implicit casts are everywhere. The logic is usually simple - things get cast to the type that's easier to cast to without losing information.

    That's it. now you get to write all kinds of bullshit you want.
    Because it's like that, code generated on http://www.jsfuck.com/ is actual valid JavaScript.

    You have a huge power. Use it wisely.
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    I hated js in the beginn aswell, because it was mostly just using shitty jquery stuff. Then i played the game Screeps and now i love JavaScript (the language not the shitty frameworks in browsers) now i prefer nodeJS over anything else for most Projekts where i can decide, at job im a c# coder and really need to take care not just using var to often
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    I had a similar journey, starting with Java to JS to ES2015 features and now mostly TypeScript (really recommend it).
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    @2ndAttmt Can you guys help me out? I am currently learning jQuery but I donno anything about Typescript or ES2015. How should I proceed on that path?
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    @pal3117 one does not learn jQuery without knowing JavaScript. It's like learning integrals without knowing arithmetic operations.
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    @pal3117 If you use TypeScript you basically don't have to worry about ES2015 (you have things like modules and classes in both). You just install node.js, then the tsc (TypeScriptCompiler) and in your project root (where you run tsc) you have "tsconfig.json" with your compiler configuration. (You can easily find detailed instructions for each step).
    But I have to agree with @apisarenco, you should probably first know JS.
    I personally started with TypeScript in combination with Angular.
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    @theScientist es6 w/ Babel
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    @Emphiliis so many extra crap IMO... Compilers and transpilers etc
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    @2ndAttmt @apisarenco .Thanks guys. Yes, I did learn js before learning jQuery.
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