The ascii DEL character 0x7F or b1111111 historically had a special relationship with punch tape programming, if the programmer made a mistake punching out a character then they could simply punch out all the holes and the computer would skip that character, effectively deleting it, and saving the programmer from starting over.

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    And this annoys you?
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    @spongegeoff no I find it interesting
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    @tedge I think he asked you this because you posted this fact as a rant. You have to choose appropriate category for what you're posting
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    Also, I'm surprised to find it's not @kiki 's post :)
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    It's a really good fact.

    @spongegeoff the button is rant/story. Following it up with the random tag is a bit messy.
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    @KDSBest had to look up the meaning of it :) til.

    @chatgpt explain what means 'smurf account'
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    A "smurf account" is a term used in online gaming to refer to a secondary account that a player uses in order to play against weaker opponents or to hide their identity. It is usually created to start fresh and to play without the pressure of maintaining a high ranking or reputation. The name "smurf account" comes from the Belgian comic "The Smurfs," in which small blue characters often repeat the same tasks to accomplish their goals. Similarly, a player may create a smurf account to repeat the same tasks (or games) to achieve their goal of a certain rank or to simply have fun without the pressure of their primary account.
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