So my HP laptop got a weird problem lately.

It doesn't charge when I plug in the charger(yes, i turned on the switch). So I began searching forums for a solution and then found out that there are so many people like me out there.
Then I was like ok, chill. There are many people like me, there must be a solution somewhere.

And after doing lots of research and trying all the solutions in the internet, the only thing that worked out is this ....

Step1 : turn on and the laptop and plug in the charger.
Step 2: Turn off the laptop.
Step 3: Now turn it back on and poof there you go, the laptop's charging.

And then I improvised the solution myself, which is u can replace the switch off part with Sleep which saved me some time.

And then whenever I try to show something my friends somethjng on my lap and the battery gets low, I do the ritual. For a brief moment their face becomes like dude I'm gonna kill you off, why the hell did u bring me here and now u r turning that off. And then I explain the history of my laptop.

Why HP whyyy ?

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    Because HP makes shitty laptops, that's why.
    I know this because I also have a shitty laptop from HP.
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    What model of laptop? I lurrrrrve my HP Envy and I don't think I could handle this happening to it 😰
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    @theactionslacks my lap's model is r007tx and it sucks big time.
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    Ask power rangers for computer services (Y)
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    Not all man, but they have such a bad thing that they produce shitty series, I have Envy it's Awesome
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    Hp is the worst when it comes to laptops. Charging issues hinges issues. There are so many issues that come by default with it
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    I don't even use a Laptop.

    I got my Ultra Rig at home and when Im on road I dont work or do little stuff on my phone.

    And on work I got a stationary PC.

    For me Commute time is chill time and I listen to music and read some Mangas.

    Maybe that will change next month when I get my Eve V Tablet, I will see 😏

    But I was never really in need for a Laptop.
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    I will never buy anything from HP too...battery problem 2 weeks ago too. NIC died year ago. Case cant be easily disassembled to clean it from dust/replace component...
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    What happens if the battery become too dead that you can't turn the laptop on the first time?
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    @oscarascal itll charge when the lap is initially in switched off state. After sometime I'll turn it on and put it to sleep immediately because the charging state changes the moment I press the power button. And then finally I can turn it on with charging.
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    @boss oh so it charges when it's shut down, but not always when it's running
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    @oscarascal yes exactly
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