Man slack is so evil and shit. They wont let you access conversion history without paid plan.WTF?!! That is so evil!

I hope they rot and die in hell. Fuck slack.

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    Really ? Man I didn't knew that
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    Ha, yeah. Because it doesn't cost anything to run servers.

    Are you crazy?

    The paid instances of Slack are the reason the free instances exist!
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    I thought they stored the most recent 10k messages on the free plan.
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    That is not evil at all. It means that you use slack, and find it a usefull tool. Therefore you should pay for it.
    Worth it IMHO.
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    @theImposter apparently not for direct messages.

    @magicMirror nope, i barely use slack. I just wanted to get an info from slack DM i had with this person about 1 month ago. But that's not possible in free plan.

    It feels like they are keeping personal DM mesaages as hostage to make people pay. I've never encountered something like this in other chat platforms which also costs servers and bandwidth to run.

    In this moment I'd like to give a shoutout to Gitter for not being this kind of evil.
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    Nothing to do with "holding DMs hostage". Its 10k messages on free plan. If you want more, pay them for the service or log it yourself
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    Such a cheapskate, fuck.

    If you want something free, use a self hosted solution... WHICH WILL COST YOU MONEY! You see where I'm going here?!
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    @HoloDreamer yes its for DM as well, but 10k messages is for the whole company, which you are part of, meaning all the chat rooms you have (private as well) and DMs count. So you get 10k messages total, and yes they store them even if you go over, but you cant read them unless you have paid plan.
    So yes, if you like it and you need that, pay for it, it will help them make the service even better.
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    Get a grip. Build your own messaging app then. I bet you would then start complaining that aws holds your servers hostage when you dont pay your bill.
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    Behold the entitlement generation
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    @GigabyteDX i don't give a shit about 10k+ messages by over 6000 users made in various public rooms in that slack group. I didn't ask them to store for me. Why the fuck would i care for random blah blah contributed by other users? All i care about is the DM exchange with other users which in total could be just around 20 messages.

    This is really unfair and scammy business model.

    Having to pay to see my DM history would have been justifiable if they counted messages in my DM history against a threshold like 100 DM messages instead of counting total messages in that slack group against 10k limit.

    What the fuck did i do to carry the burden ( ~ $80 per year) of random public room blah blahs?!
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