So I did some testing with WebAssembly to see how it works in the most recent version and without Emscripten. I installed CMake and Visual Studio Community 2015 and compiled Binaryen, LLVM and Clang for a few hours (had to do it multiple times because I used the wrong version and forgot a compile flag), ended up with over 10 GB less free space on my laptop.

All that to compile a < 1kb C file to < 1kb WASM code.

At least it works for now and can natively run in (some) browsers.

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    Why not just use Linux?
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    @Faraaz For a number of reasons actually, but all hardware related. I use a laptop with a Nvidia GPU and the Optimus drivers under Linux aren't ideal, I also need to test Edge compatibility and my computer sometimes struggles with VM performance. (On devices where the drivers aren't an issue, like my NAS, I happily use Linux)
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