At the product backlog refinement the product owner told us (the devs) how the database model must be designed! He said he knows it best, because he knows all the requirements. 🙈

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    Recipe for disaster.
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    But was his idea good or not? What if he has experience in the field?
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    @PRein he wanted us to build the database model with little joins, because he heard from someone that joins are making databases slow.
    That's right,
    but we don't have such big data. With correct indexes we achieved good performance and we have a meaningful database model now.
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    "I know databases. I have... Ask anyone! I have the best databases. You know why? I get them.. everyone pays so much for them! They have the requirements, but they're amazing too. So sad. I had a YouTube channel with an episode about ER-Diagrams. Let me tell you, it was so successful that Google called to ask is I can consult them, but they couldn't afford me. So sad."
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