Changing the native browser scrollbar should warrant the death penalty.

Do not make it narrower. Do not make the colors blend with the background. Do not hijack it its functionality. Do not minimize it until I hover.

I am so fucking tired of websites that think they are in charge of my browsing "experience" and hide or otherwise marginalize the single most useful part of the page's UI.

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    Yup. Browsers should just forbid this kind of crap technically.
    But then the web devs will complain about it for not supporting features they "need".
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    Okay but maybe my website has a background which isn't just 90-100% white and the default scrollbar looks like a god damn fluorescent tube light glued to the side of the page, so you can fuck off and I'm making it match my background color.
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    Some retards replace search function in a forum page and brings me the list of posts in the page that includes the word, without highlighting. What retard does that?
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    And don't create nested scrollable views, you sick fuck.
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