How do I know if my Sumsang is a counterfeit?

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    You don't have to. "Sumsang" is definitely fake.
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    @vish Thanks, captain obvious :)
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    There is only one way.
    Remove the back cover and look at the serial number on the back of the battery. Ok note this down on a paper. Now this is a very important step. Hack into Samsung's product database and search for the serial number. Now this may take a while. Be patient. And if it's not in there I'm afraid it is a fake one.
    May the blast be with you!
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    It's funnier due to the complete lack of a sense of humor that people have.
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    No it's not, we verified it for you ...
    Umm, you're welcome :)
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    Charge it. If it explodes, you know... If it's real or not.
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    @samxxx yeah but what with the recent releases and issues, an exploding phone might be real... XD
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    It's probably a genuine Sumsang, not a fake one.
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