I just talked to Skype support...
Skype is down for 80% of users, world wide...
It's been 5 hours already. Idiots.

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    It is very annoying. Since Microsoft bought them everything fell apart. I have stopped using it quite long ago and been very happy. There are a lot of other alternatives - I have been using Brosix and I can now tell a serious difference. It is easy to use and my colleagues like it ,too.
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    @stefaniemiller Can imagine that Skype being down is annoying yeah. we never used it because of privacy concerns (we use Tox and one to one signal calling) but yeah it must suck for the people who depend on it :/
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    I can't get rid of it... Because of clients :(
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    Hopefully, this saga is over for me too. Been quite amazed by the alternatives. I have always been quite protective about personal and customers data . Brosix Enterprise is what I have always wanted - no one can have access to communication unless I as an Admin create account; and also I ca follow the whole communication that is happening in the office. It is not that I have trust-issues ( I do have some lol)
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    Sounds cool, thanks, will try the alternatives too
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