Why can't we attach images to the comments. They seem to be attached but are not visible.
Please look into this @dfox

Also about the rant https://devrant.io/rants/663081/...

The problem still persists on Android.

Thanks for the amazing community.

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    Thanks. Did you upgrade your Android version? The popup issue should be fixed.

    I haven't heard or any other issues with images in comments. What device are you using?
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    Updated the app, really sorry to bother you @dfox
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    @Letmecode thanks, appreciate that. This one was a big goof so I feel kind of bad about that :/

    Still a lot of stuff to work on/fix.
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    @Letmecode thanks!

    Btw I haven't forgotten about block and algo improvements, they are very high on my list and block was nearly done but there were some scaling issues that I have to solve.
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