Today my girlfriend of 5 years asked me to make her an app, and continued «It will be super easy to make!»...

I feel... betrayed.

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    I hope your girlfriend is not 5 years old
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    @GarreauArthur I sure hope so too! She looked a lot older than a newborn when I met her, though.
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    @GarreauArthur a five year old for a product owner might be surprisingly nice.
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    @starless Actually the difference to a regular client might be not so big after all. Both will throw at tantrum at some point.
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    @starless definitely! I'll just bring chocolate and ice cream if I miss a deadline, and make sure there are plenty of dragons and/or puppies in my product... Actually, the more I think about it I'm starting to believe my gf is actually a 5yo product owner disguised as a female in her 20s.
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    @Alice next she will be my project manager, have an mba, no technical knowledge, and call in hour long meetings related to hr shit.
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    So now that she is your client, what did you two agree on for payment? I hope she didn't say experience or exposure
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    @HoloDreamer other kinds of experience iykwim
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    @HoloDreamer to (partially) quote kingsman, "If you [build this app] we can do it in the asshole"
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