I can not function today in my hot office (no AC). I'm just reading rants in JSON format to look like I'm working. I may need a USB Desk Fan to improve my productivity. Anybody have recommendations?

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    "I'm just reading rants in JSON format to look like I'm working."

    Holy shit thats genius
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    1 take pants off
    2 sit behind desk
    3 ???
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    Change job like where do you find an office without ac
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    Today I motorized this pink fan that I had lying around for the same purpose. I greased the gears inside, drilled a hole for the motor shaft, and it works! It's still noisy since it doesn't exactly have sturdy fan blades.
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    Another thing I tried today is a thermoelectric exchanger element I bought some months ago. It basically pumps heat from one side to the other side of the system. I put the heatsink in a glass of water. The water is heated using heat from your environment and at the same time, cold air is blown out.

    You have to refresh the water every now and again though. You can make tea out of it as well!
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    Woohoo!!! This sweaty programmer is getting stickers. Thanks for the ++'s
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    What about this one on your desk.
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    JSON format . 🔥🔥🔥
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