I hate YouTube recommendations. They just show you the same videos again and again after some time.

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    Took the words right off my mouth. Same shitty recommendations every day.
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    True af!
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    YouTube algo not as good as devrant
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    @srganiga Maybe dfox should have a look
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    Feel you. They are like just showing the dumb popular videos among teens.. Like wtf
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    Greacemonkey. I disable the entire recommendations bar whenever I need to check a tutorial or something. (Cause I can't resist clickbaits 😵)
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    Kinda off topic.
    Google search algorithm is god damn incredible. I didn't remember what unit measure "A with a circle on top" was, so I googled in my native language "A cu cerculet deasupra" which translates to "A with small circle". First result, wikipedia Angstrom. I've been telling this story to many people since, not many were impressed.
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    I generally see videos I've already watched, larger channels that claim they've been hit BIG by the "adpocalypse", and/or THE HIDDEN MEANING BEHIND [insert movie/book title here].

    Every once in a while, it's something actually related to my interests.
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    I actually enjoy the recommendations. I always watch videos from there
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