Im currently doing my first project as a junior dev. I'm working with asp.net core and I had only used regular asp.net before. The project owner who was the guy that used to own the company I work for had only asked me if i was versed in asp.net and said that it was what I was going to work with. So from the start I'm a little bumed out. The difference isn't enourmous, but still.

First day, he says that we are going to use TFS for version handling (god damnit) then he says he has started a bit and has done the first push... And we're missing files. But he's asleep by the time i do the pull (9 hour timezone difference).

Next day he has gotten all the files up and I also get to know that I will be working alone and still have to use TFS.

A few days later he tells me I'm gonna present the first version the next week...

Oh, and did I mention that this is for one of the biggest companies in the world that the very top managers will use. Including CEO, cto etc

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    @g-m-f TFS on its own. The product owner wants to learn it, but I'm the one using it. So I don't get it. And it seems very buggy and alot of permission issues.
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    Howdy! 🤠 Welcome to devRant!
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    @g-m-f It might be decent, but I don't have time to learn due to me shitting out functionality as fast as possible :/
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    @iAmNaN Thanks, mate!
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