As a rookie programming, I wrote really bad code and didn't understand why. Now, I've improved to where I know bad code, but I continue writing studios horrible solutions. And in the end up refactoring much until I don't have energy to look at my code anymore. This although knowing what I should/shouldn't do. Shame!

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    Noticing that your code is bad is the first step to writing better code 🙂
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    @hawkes i hope you're right 😄
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    I am in the same situation
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    @wrgl0 you're improving that's the most important bit, and you at least refactor the code which from the legacy code I worked with I wish the guy before me did that it at least left comments or I dunno a readme lol
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    It takes bad code to make better code. It also pays to be the one to fix bad code. It gives you a better perspective.
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    @bremen242 that is a wise statement
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