I posted two of my projects a few days ago to producthunt one did very well and what came out of it is i got offered a fulltime job in my town.

That will be my first job if i pass their test im doing tomorrow and Im scared beyond shittless. Not from test but from the whole experience. All of it happened too fast. Im starting to doubt myself now. And once again scared shittless. Fuck you brain!

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    Good luck! If things are falling into place, don't be spooked by the speed - just go with the flow.
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    @kunashe thanks mate. I just finished the test and am waiting to hear from them. I think i did ok but guess I'll see. I was to nervous to make an accurate assesment on how i did. Just hoping that its not going to be a problem that the code isnt perfectly optimised. I didn't have time to refactor it after making it work :D
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