I forced my friends to use git(hub) as vcs because their project was in a usb-to-usb state, which was unacceptable for me. So I offered them my help and uploaded it (with a little bit of a forced consent) to github, to end this misery. Of course I helped them the basics of git. Now they automatically use git(hub) as vcs and to share their code.

I feel proud for this :)

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    Good job you deserve this!


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    I don't know what I would have done without github having experienced my old computers motherboard go through a meltdown which took the cpu and main hdd with it very close to a uni project deadline.
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    If your friend is not familiar with VCS systems, especially public ones, I would advise Bitbucket instead because by default a GitHub repo is marked as public while a Bitbucket repo is marked as private. I've seen LOTS of developers (both junior and senior) share their credentials on GitHub and from the speed of the following attacks, it looks like some people are actively searching for those kind of mistakes.
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    The world needs more heroes like you! :)
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    @JerreMuesli try GitLab too!
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    I'm trying to convert my colleagues to start using version control.
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    I like you. Since I'm basically the only one that deploys programs/scripts to our servers, I've setup a GitLab vcs server and I'm notorious for my rules about using it. Your code is not in VCS? No, I don't want to look at the code. No, I'll not deploy it. And no, I really don't care how important it is. I also like to do git reset --hard on all local changes on production servers that are not commited.
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    Recently did the same with my CS class at school, but used gitlab instead because of private repos. I think almost everybody got how it works which really isn't that hard with eGit in Eclipse. Ever our teacher hadn't used it but really likes it now.
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    If I had done this , they would had kicked me out of the group
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    @vikaskr find better group, u wont regret xD
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