I'm stuck at a technical puzzle right now. Link:

It says that the password will show when your ip starts with "141.76.4". Has anyone got an idea how to trick this site and solve this puzzle?

Thanks for your help!

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    a quick lookup on gives me:

    looks like you should be able to get that ip block from some university informatiks department, do they have a public wifi or public computers you can use ?
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    Or maybe a VPN/proxy port is open.
    Good luck.
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    @ItsNotMyFault Yeah that block belongs to the informatics faculty of my university.

    We have eduroam as wifi network for students but that gives you an IP of another network. 141.76.9.xxx

    Using a pc from their ip pool has the same result.
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    @notSoSerious Could be. I'll see what I can find. Maybe there is some public one that I haven't heard about so far. ;)
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