My very first rant. I will try to make it count!

Recently my company had restructured with new GM who fired those who he didn't like and hired those who he did.

All ok I guess. And then...

We did a project for a big sportswear brand, interactive installation using WebSocket. My team developed the server with game engine and we also developed "shell front-end" with example code how to connect and interact with server.

Then we realized that our company was actually not hired by sportswear brand, rather by GM buddy-from-the-army tech vendor, who was hired by actual client.

Then, we also realized there is another company, that GM hired as freelancers, sitting at our office doing 'something'. And this 'other company' actually has same employees and address as GM's buddy company (meaning they are one entity with two names).

So.. what happened is that we get paid by party A, then we pay exactly the same amount to party B (which is actually same party A), and at the end... all our work was for free.

And then, this GM tells me I have to fire 2 developers from my team because we don't have enough business.

How did this guy even get to a position of this level?

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    Can't quite put my finger on it, but that all sounds incredibly suspicious...
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    Just wow....
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    Yeah they're probably fiddling their taxes.
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    I smell corruption
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    Send an anonymous tip to you local governing body.
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    But but ... why do you pay party B?!
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    Thinking about this more and more, I think this is a scam or fleece to rip off the sportswear brand.

    They hired the buddy and are probably paying him as well as what he's paying your GM. But what he pays your GM will be negated when he gets it back for the freelancers.

    But it seems he's the only one making money. Your GM isn't if he's paying out the same as he's getting in. And who's paying your salary? Where's that coming from?

    It's mind bending. But I'd be very surprised if there's not something illegal or at least dishonest in it.
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    crazy story, where you're from?
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    Update: today was this GM's last day. Just out of the blue.

    It appears that multiple complaints from different department were sent anonymously to HQ.

    So I guess better times are ahead of us!
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