Programmer Influencers piss me off to Jupiter and back.

The ones who talk about just being a programmer, and don't do normal tutorials and solve a real-world problem and demonstrate it.

"i iNcREaSeD mY pRoDuCTiViTy bY 90%. hErE's HoW"

"tOp 10 lAnGuAGeS yOu sHoUlD lEaRn iN 2023"

"dAy iN thE LiFe oF a SoFtWaRe EnGiNeEr"

"HeRE's hOw yOu cAn wRiTe bUg fReE cOdE"

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    Ten ways you do chatGPT wrong
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    Same. There are quacks in every jobs - it's the victims I worry about
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    well, they're just influencers after all. and their name isn't close to "influenza" without reason...
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    @bigmonsterlover you're a hero
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    @bigmonsterlover at the current state just liking everyone that isn't click bait is waaaaay less work.
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    as an ex googler and multi billionare i
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    Ugh yeah, I fucking hate those. Especially the ones saying shit like "10 things you should be doing"... As if there's one answer to every problem and no need to be adaptive
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    ThESe 5 hAcKs WiLL iNCrEaSE yOuR pRoDuCtIvITy LeVEL bY 300%
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    I can think of one:

    How to obfuscate your code to increase your job security.

    In other words:

    Use non commonly used features or software paradigms.
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    real programmers earn their money writing code, not making youtube videos.
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    @kiki That's a bit of a stretch .. but in a way, yeah.
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    Dumb people trying to win a popularity contest. Could be a politician here and there. It's for sure everyone that claimed to be an influencer I've seen so far.

    Doesn't help that real news outlets also use click bait titles now. If you are lucky the summary actually tells you what it is about.
    Just the stupid language in the tiles like "... boss" or "Harry potter star" ticks me off. You can name the name of the person or at least just say CEO of ... .
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    @bigmonsterlover Sure it is. I just like the videos i liked watching. If i start watching one but don't feel like giving a like, it obviously baited me into clicking it without me actually liking it and i just stop watching it.

    All in all, i don't like spending my attention on the videos i don't like. I always report actual scams and the telegram impersonators though.
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