Time to time I do some Hard- and Software repairs for neighbors and get some little money for it.

My neighbor let's call this one "Bob".

Bob has a new printer and a old one which is over 15 years old.

First: Holy shit 15 years old printer works still. WTF? Is this thing Hulk or what?

He ask me why he can't print a 128 site Doc with pictures in it from the old printer. It always stop at around 50 pages.

I tell him that it has only 32 MB Ram/Flash and can't print more. Before the Doc's were much smaller and could print that, but today you got files with more than 10 MB and on a printer it need's atleast 128 MB Ram to process and print it.

Guess what? One week later he asks me the same questions.

Why don't you print it on your new shiny expensive printer and why do you need still that OFFICE WAR VETERAN OF PRINTER to print it???

Seriously just use the new and better one!! Bob please give that old one a burial. He deservs it!

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    Jesus. I thought my like 6 or 7 year old printer was pretty old.
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    @bendr That's true. We have a microwave from my parents bridal shower well over 20 years ago. It still works. We got a new one in like 2005, and it just broke a week ago. They actually made quality stuff back then.
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    Can't you set up the printer driver to not send the whole document to the printer, but rather printing it in chunks?
    I think I saw that setting somewhere...
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    Yeah, at some point deep in the driver settings. I had some similar problem when installing an old printer for my girlfriends family. The printer is an old company printer with network functionality, so I connected it with the router and everything worked fine after installing the drivers. But after some time, every PC showed the printer as offline, because new versions of Windows send a keep-alive request from time to time and the printer was too old to answer them. However, you could still force Windows to print via the offline printer and it worked.
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    @g-m-f I agree. It just seems more and more stuff gets made without thinking about being really-near-future-proof. Apps used to work on phones with a fraction of the memory phones have today, but they are still mostly just web pages without complex code or any serious data storage requirements. Optimization (and quality) are sacrificed horribly in favor of meeting (somewhat understandable) deadlines today, but surely the same was true in the past, perhaps to a slightly lesser degree.
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    @qbasic16 @lukegv that thing is so old and runs on a printer protocol. It has no drivers and Bob has only Apple Products in his home.

    I dont have time or knowledge to script a printer driver in Xcode for such a old thing.
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