manager: "you wrote all your code in java, but i really prefer reading scala 😔"

me: *uses intellij to convert all my java to scala in two seconds*

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    There ya go!
    Welcome to devRant, your second home.
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    I guess he was like... what kind of magic is this....
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    I prefere to read it in byte code ;)
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    My response would be: I'd prefer reading my code as is while I press your fuckhead into a freshly made pile of dog turd mixed with llama puke.
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    @qbasic16 then my reply would be that you might have anger issues..
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    @therahmaniac As someone who used to use NetBeans, I can tell you it really is not that difficult. Just change a couple dependencies in the preferences, and reword package imports and you're good!

    Still way too much to do just to compile though. Emphasis on the *USED TO* use NetBeans
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