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    Apparently they like their employees using shit. 🤔🤔🤔
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    Because they use Macs?
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    @Hjord But a 'Mac person' should mean roughly the same as 'Mac fanboy'
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    So tired of people being shitty about the hardware other people use. A great developer can use anything to make an amazing application, no excuses. If you can't you're a crap developer.

    What is this, high school? "I hate these people because they use macs."

    "People who use android are poor."

    Blah blah blah. I've heard both sides.

    It's ridiculous. 😑
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    @kungufupython People that use Android are poor? That's a new one.

    (Actually, we use Android because we dislike being ripped off for a shitty phone😂)
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    @jhh2450 did you see the quotes? It's because I was quoting what I've heard. Yes, assholes will say people who use android are poor.

    I'm saying this argument is dumb. If you can't develop on anything you suck as a developer.

    And the whole ripped off thing is dumb. No one is making you buy a Mac so it's a non issue.
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    They meant emacs
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    @Deserter I disagree. I think it's just a person who uses Mac daily. One who know the system and so on.
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    I get that it's human nature to compare yourselves against other people, but come on. Be better than that. Don't make fun of someone for using a mac because you don't personally like them, or because you think you have a reason to hate them. It's easy. You don't like Apple/mac? Don't use it. Same with Android and other OSs. It's that simple. Just stop bitching. You're not doing yourself any favours other than making yourselves look immature and childish. People will have different tastes and opinions. Deal with it.

    // End of rant
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    Well, you've got a plaid shirt already.
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    Well, I think Mac does provide a superior development experience.

    It's has almost nothing to do with the cost, status and company it comes out of.

    I feel that MacOS is what makes it awesome. It's because of the countless developers who have used macs, developed beautiful softwares (for developers) and made countless documentation to make the ecosystem so easy to setup and start with your development.

    I wasn't always a fan of macs. Always thought they are expensive piece of shit and used Windows and Ubuntu. Both of them are no where close to the dev experience macs offer. Windows is plain stupid when it comes to Dev setup. Setting env vars, a pain. Installing unix-y apps 😛. And Ubuntu while is great, sucks at UI. While windows UI component is by far the most stable one. ( Not by looks but by functionality.) Use the finder on macs and you'll cry.

    I see Mac as one which borrows from both. Provides the simplicity of windows and the Unix of Ubuntu.

    Just my two cents.
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    Why we can't just ask use what we want and virtualize everything else that we need?

    I don't know how difficult it is to run OSX in a VM but I'll find out soon enough.
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    @polaroidkidd pretty difficult actually. Term is known as a "Hackintosh" (any Mac OS running on a non apple computer - including virtualized hardware).

    It's better to have a mac and then run a VM with windows / Linux. I find the experience is quite flawless, especially with Parallels (paid VM software for mac - but there are other free alternatives)
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    @VirtualProtect hmm.. I'm giving the SO my laptop (500gb SsD, 8 GB ram, i7) but she wants to use some OSX Programms (for example Evernote). Buying a Mac is too expensive at the moment so VM is our only option for now. The current one is Mac book Pro (2012) and considering the amount she carries it around I'd really like to see her have a lighter laptop. Mine brings all the power she needs, is significantly lighter, but on the wrong OS.

    Impossible or, "just" difficult. Do you know of any other options? I'd buy her the Mac in a heart beat but I'm still in University :(
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    Because a pretentious asshole usually surrounds himself with pretentious assholes
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    @polaroidkidd I'd look up some tutorials online! I ran OS X in a VM in 2012, and it was extremely difficult but the process might be streamlined and easier to complete now-a-days! I also remember it running really slow (even with i7, 16gb ram allocated to the VM and an SSD), but I'd Definitely try it out, it may not be perfect but its better than shovelling out 1k+ on a new laptop/desktop
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    I work with people who use mac and we share and uses scripts that can only run on mac/linux.
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    @kungufupython well sorry but you're wrong. Go develop an enterprise level web service on Symbian. I dare you.
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    @VirtualProtect it's about that stupid preference becoming a job requirement. It shouldn't matter. Because it's stupid.
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    @mcraz wait wait wait I gotta quote this.

    "used macs, developed beautiful softwares" - bwahahahaha. You mean a file manager that can connect to SSH that costs 30$? That's a joke!

    "and made countless documentation to make the ecosystem so easy to setup and start with your development." - like colorful terminal emulator (not), sed command with regex (not), grep with pcre (not), etc. No dev tools that don't exist on other platforms except just Swift. Just no.

    "Windows is plain stupid when it comes to Dev setup." - or you just don't know how to use it.

    "Installing unix-y apps" - and Mac sucks at Windows'y apps. Guess why.

    "Ubuntu ... sucks at UI" - why, how? The most customizable and easy to use on multiple monitors.

    "Use the finder on macs and you'll cry." - oh I did. I did for months. I just wanted to die every time, rather than use that.
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    I have been using Mac since I got my current job (3 years ago). Before that I used mostly Windows because I still played games. And I used Ubuntu/Fedora just for fun and educational purpose. Guess you can say I was the guy who took the job with that requirement... No, it's only because my boss wanted to find a laptop with 16GB ram and Macbook Pro was the only choice at that time.
    I just don't get why people treat Mac users as IE uses. Are Mac users causing you that much grief, as much as making you fix IE compatible issues?
    I may sound like I'm taking side or maybe a "fanboy". I don't dislike any OS. And at this moment I'm most comfortable working with Mac. That's it.
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    In my opinion, the employer can set requirements for the interface
    (version control system, code style, communication software, deadlines, quality control, security, etc)... but not for the implementation (OS choice, favorite IDE, which keyboard you use, etc)

    If one of the devs in my team is productive and writes beautiful code by hand, then scans it through OCR, puts it on an encrypted usb stick and sends it by carrier pigeon to a server which commits it to git... good luck have fun.

    I personally use a MacBook with Arch, i3, Vim and Jetbrains. I hate OSX, but if you feel at home using it, great.

    If I see a junior dev struggling with their tools, I'll give them some advice, but the rest of the journey is personal — so I just assign a budget and the dev can send me a list of stuff they prefer.
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    I like this question. Because we get a chance to force someone to use something they don't like. If you want to join the club, better do this this.
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    @kungufupython I don't agree with your statement that a dev can use any tool to do his/her things. Seriously I can work with windows a little but Mac just nope :)
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    @linuxxx It's also dependent on the technology stack.

    I prefer Linux because in backend web development it's nice to stay close to your production environment — but I can imagine that C# and Swift devs have different preferences.
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    @bittersweet I code some C#. Mostly on Linux these days.
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    @linuxxx why? Why can't you use a Mac? It's a unix based.
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    @kungufupython Linux is not Unix based as far as I know? But anyways, I can't work with the interface, I've tried but I just can't get used to it :/
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    @linuxxx so strictly speaking as a developer, bash works on all three. I personally use JEdit as it also works on all three. What more do you need? To be an amazing developer or security person you NEED to be flexible. I stand by my statement, if you can't use all three, you're not a good developer.
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    @kungufupython Will you be implementing a system that relies on IO pipes, on Windows? If you do, you are stupid.

    Will you be choosing Linux or OSX as the environment for working on stuff like Power BI or Dynamics 365? If you will, you're an idiot.

    Will you be choosing OSX for developing deep learning algorithms? If you do, you're a moron.

    If you say that all platforms are alike, then you've never done anything more than a few web pages here and there.
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    @apisarenco oh boy you really put me in my place 😂😂😂 hopefully you understand sarcasm.
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    @apisarenco I'm wrong about what? I said a good developer can develop on anything. They can jump back and forth and support ALL platforms. WTF is your problem? Did someone poop in your cereal?
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    It would be irnoic if they ask for a Mac person and want you to code .Net 😂
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    @gitpush dot net core?
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    @kungufupython My problem is you saying that a "true" developer develops as well on any platform. Which is so obviously wrong that I didn't even think it needed an explanation, but you had to maintain your position ignoring the brought arguments.

    There are SO many factors that influence productivity of a developer, and are related to the platform he's working on, that saying that platforms don't matter for a good developer is the same as saying that a good racecar driver should be able to compete with a Top Fuel dragster in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
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    @linuxxx you just ruined my joke, why so crewel?
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    @gitpush Oo uhm 😓
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    @apisarenco look, a great developer CAN pick up any hardware and develop on it. Sorry you can't and that shakes your world.

    I can use any platform and use them very well. I also don't use platform specific tools when there are tons of better options. Power BI isn't the only business analytic service out there. Bill Gates isn't going to give you a gold star for name dropping his product.

    My point now and forever is, bickering about hardware is dumb. People use what they like, or they use what is required by the job. Having more knowledge makes you a better developer. Being a closed off stubborn ass will quickly leave you behind. Technology changes WAY too fast to cling to any one thing.
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    @apisarenco oh and your last argument is dumb. I'm not saying use an Apple Lisa against an Intel Core i7. You're just being a know-it-all, let me put a chick in her place, because there is no way she can know more than me.

    You didn't read my initial argument.

    Hardware snobbery is DUMB. Use what you like, be open to using other things if they make more sense. Declaring you hate another platform because it's expensive or you aren't a fan of the OS shows you aren't flexible.

    BTW if you are using the finder and not the command line...what are you even doing in tech?
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    @kungufupython Then I'm not a good developer according to you.
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    @kungufupython About the hardware part, not good with that so I'll shut up about that part haha.

    As for operating systems, although I'm pretty radical with that, I'm not going to use closed source operating systems in my free time. For work to earn money? sure, working in a distribution center where I carry about 20-30 thousand kilo a day and walk about 10-30 kilometers a day now. Not my favourite work but hey I gotta pay bills, simple as that.
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    @kungufupython " look, a great developer CAN pick up any hardware and develop on it" - and I asked you to pick up Symbian and develop something great on it.

    That was an incredibly stupid statement from your part, and you keep pushing it.

    You are obviously a noob and have no idea what you're talking about: you don't just get to choose any analytical tool arbitrarily. There are tons of criteria to consider for any such decision.

    Your point was that hardware and software shouldn't matter to a developer, don't shift goal posts.

    Also, talk about closed off stubborn ass, you don't simply declare some bullshit as the truth while ignoring arguments. That is the very thing that makes you stubborn.
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    @kungufupython "Hardware snobbery is DUMB" - yet it's not the subject of the discussion.

    Having a shitty OS that wastes valuable TIME does not mean "not being flexible". I gave you clear examples of why this argument of yours is bullshit. Stop being a stubborn ass, and either address them with a valid counter-argument or admit that you're a bullshitter, or go cry in the corner or something.

    And yeah, let me use the "terminal" to drag a file into Slack or into an e-mail attachment. That works just GREAT, right?
    Speak about snobs.. fuuuck!
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    @apisarenco I'm glad you know how long I've been working in tech. 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍

    You go right ahead and strut around like you won this. I know all I need to know now and I'm going to let myself laugh for like 15 more minutes and then I have actual work to do.

    Good luck. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    @kungufupython I'm sorry, but I did win this. I did it because I presented arguments. You did not. All you did was judge people that have OS requirements for the work they do. Which is the most retarded thing I've ever heard.
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