So one of my coworkers is looking to leave. They are a good worker, proactive and involved on the project, and just finished their Master's degree. But the money isn't good enough/won't be good enough for them here. I'm pretty sure management knows, but they confided in me and I know that they're actively looking to leave.

Should I speak up? This will dramatically impact us in a negative way.

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    Never hurts to let Management know the negative impact of the person leaving.
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    If they confide in you then you should tell them you will speak up before doing so. Think about what happens when you tell management. the person might deny they are leaving maybe even change their mind about leaving..
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    That is partially my concern. I don't want office drama right now. It's just frustrating if he gets a good offer, he'll be gone in minimal amount of time and I'll be pulled back to code monkey @spacem
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