Do you guys have private chat community among your workmates?

Here at the company in working in, we have an official WhatsApp group created by our boss. That group is practically dead and boss is the only guy who occasionally posts anything. That is expected.

Then we have another WhatsApp group among us employees and boss or someone of that level is not invited in it. It's pretty active and fun group.

Then we have guys only group which is intended for guy talk and nsfw happens to be a part of it. Nothing surprising about that.

Similarly, girls also have their own exclusive group for their own stuffs.

I think it's inevitable and customary that such chat groups would be formed among workmates or classmates.

Anyway Just wondering, is this case same for you?... esp for people in US?

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    We use discord for our off work chat. There are people who left the company but are still for the fun.
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    We use Slack over here and we have a bunch of private channels certain people are in and certain people aren't. We don't actively exclude anyone though, but we DO have a shitpost channel that the bosses aren't in.
    They know the channel exists but they leave it be on purpose.
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    SameTime, HipChat, and Slack.

    Note - anything frivolous is done by text. No records on work equipment lol
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    Slack is funny. We often use it as a verb to say "I'll talk to you tonight" and it becomes " I'll slack you tonight "

    I realized it the day I said that you my CEO who isn't on slack as much and he had a face 😛
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    Since we're pretty concerned with privacy and security we use Signal and Tox. Multiple chats etc though yeah!
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    @linuxxx yes we get dammit.
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