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    @Mrcheese : Screwing with my brain since 2017. 😂
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    Funnily enough, in the game Portal 2 they solve this by saying that portals can't move.
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    Really? Smart move hahaha
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    Someone program a simulation of this ASAP
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    I wish I can try this with (valve)Portal.
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    A few cm behind the yellow portal there's a door, so you can't push the box in very far. At the same time, you'll hear a soft "thud" from within the box, where the top of the box itself hits the inside of the flat door.

    If there was no box, the top of the blue portal would disappear into the yellow one, exit from itself, and the top of blue would hit the side of the yellow portal. At that point, an exception would be thrown, the simulation ends, you start to foam from your mouth and blood trickles from your ears as the janitor cleans up your lifeless body.
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    The two portals must be the same size I think. Then if a portal is in the box it must be bigger. Thus the box is too big to fit through the second portal.
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    @Pgdevpatryk Yes, that's how it is
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    @CogInTheWheel It works with ovals, as long as the major axis is larger as the minor axis plus box.
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    @bittersweet ... Well then
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    @Pgdevpatryk except for the part where you destroy the neurotoxin generator :)
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    Yes you are right lol forgot you can turn things... We don't speak of this moment again :P
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