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    according to this logic,
    I am an idiot with and without a life.

    Schrödinger's life anyone?
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    How can you not have a life with Linux? When Linux is life..
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    That pretty much sums it up correctly
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    Are you an idiot ?
    Yes : make fun of petty things like OS preference.
    No : Consider the fact that different people have different requirements or preferences regardless of them being an idiot or not
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    @pythonR quick reminder: this is a ranting community
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    @CykloTronic86 you can add Ubuntu to that spyware list too
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    I physically feel some people here being triggered by this image
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    @CykloTronic86 Linux is spyware too, just look at Ubuntu
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    @ChainsawBaby What's the story behind your name? Something to do with Jontron in any case?
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    @Sharky6 nope, nothing to do with Jontron (don't know who that is)
    I used to have an user on Freenode, where my nick were tnViking (the norwegian Viking), but people kept wondering if I were from Tennessee and like the Vikings team.
    So I just made a new nick, plain and simple
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    You can call me an idiot all you want.. I'll stick to my Apple products. 😊
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    @Jop- from my pov, even if it's not intended, it's spyware :)
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    Sad. I just started using Mac like 2 months ago
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    @Jop- now you can call Ubuntu for adware
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