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    Because they have written a lot of custom programs that they have not verified against newer versions on windows.

    Often so with embedded systems where the operating system is just a bootstrap for your own application.

    Especially applications built before internet became so integrated into everything.

    Often these thing where never designed to be connected to the internet at all so security was a physical thing.
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    @Voxera if the embeded systems are the main ones running on that ship, then they won't need an internet connection, then no worries about the ransomware, that makes the article obsolete, thanks for the insight though.
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    Even more terrifying is the fact that trident (UK nuclear submarines) also run XP. RIP
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    @Telescuffle they don't have internet either ;)
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    I mean why dont those people code their own customized OS?
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    @maltedMilk oh okay. That's right. Or they simply use linux as a base like many distributions do it. But. Not. Windows.
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    @Voxera you don't need to worry about anyone hacking into Windows for the OS to cause troubles 😉
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    @hyvte are you aware of the curse that is "made in Britain"? 😂
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    I feel like this is information we shouldn't be telling people..
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    @Telescuffle Actually most problems with windows is drivers and I am pretty sure they have tested the hardware and drivers extensively.

    With good drivers XP is very stable.
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    @maltedMilk The real hardware are usually handled by code running either without os or on a very thin one, blackberry makes one such os.

    But often there is another os running interactive screens or do called entertainment systems.

    Also, as I noted earlier, with stable drivers and strict hardware setup most OS are very stable.
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    @Telescuffle imagine getting a BSOD couple thousand feet underwater and you're trapped in there with it.🤔🙄
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    @Voxera it was a joke, I am actually a big fan of Windows 😝
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    @badcopnodonuts ahh yess. I can imagine it now. Would be even better with a win10 bsod. All they would see is :(
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    @Telescuffle oooh slowly dying while that glaring blue screen etches itself into your retinas with that smarmy sad face would be horrific
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    @badcopnodonuts would be a very British way to go 😂
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    Speaking of XP..

    This is one of 100+ school PCs I'm fixing.
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