Hey guys, wanna install Linux first time, but had some doubts.
Config - core 2 duo 2.93GHz, 2GB ddr2 ram, 320 hdd, AMD graphics card.
Doubts :
1. After writing it on usb and setting it in usb boot mode, the system didn't read the pen drive data ... is it because of the writing software ... I used power iso.
2. What about the partitions ? Do they still remain and will the install guide only ask to format the c drive or the whole hdd ?
3. Which distro do y recommend... I had kali/debian/fedora/mint in mind
My friends complained about fedora taking 45 seconds to boot up, I don't know about the other distro's ..
Thanks in advance

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    Your hardware specs are fine. I usually use CentOS. Make sure when you burn the ISO image to the thumb drive, that you make it bootable. There should be a checkbox for that in the ISO burning software.
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    If I were you I'd rather go with something arch based like Antegros since you get a graphical install and still can use arch wiki. That's only my opinion though.
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    @iAmNaN I did that but it actually might be the software, because after setting primary boot drive in bios as usb-hdd, it restarted 5-6 times, failing to read data from the pen drive, it booted from secondary boot option i.e. hdd
    @dontPanic will look into it, thanks.
    1. Will try those ones
    2. I don't wanna shrink it, I just wanna use the whole of 30GB of the C drive for the linux
    3. I have been using raspbian for a year now, so that knowledge might be usable here.
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    @sam9669 I'd recommend Rufus for burning to a pen drive. Debian isn't really that hard with a gui. Otherwise look up a bunch of guides and methods. Then research them all. This way you'll know all your options, both for this and future ops.

    I also had a BIOS that just refused to boot off of a USB drive a couple years ago. I fixed that by updating/replacing it.
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    @Numinex if debian, then there's no problem with the partitions right ?
    Like only c will be formatted and no other drives will be touched ?
    I'm asking this because I haven't backed up my data in my hdd
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    @sam9669 make sure you have the right settings in your bios too, enable usb boot. Disable safe boot.
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    @Jop- whoa whoa whoa, everything driver related? Debian is all about being full open source, meaning _some_ devices won't work unless you manage to install proprietary drivers. Debian stable also gets updates relatively slow compared to other major distros. Ubuntu with any of the top desktop environments is great place to start.
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    @jpichardo and @jckimble any ideas?
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    1. Check your bios settings, secure boot will screw it up. Other than that try a new writer just in case.

    2. most guided installs ask where you want linux written so you can do either one

    3. As a first time user i'd suggest ubuntu since most of the work is already done for you
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    1. I agree with @jckimble it's most likely a bios related issue

    2. most linux distro installation let you manage partitions, created, delete, etc, and decide where do you want to write the is

    3. My first distro was Ubuntu and it is good for first time, others recommend mint and I (as a Fedora user ) consider Fedora a good distro, although it might require a little (really) work and effort for some no common tasks
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